ERASING EDEN on Amazon Feb. 24th 2017

Erasing Eden will be available on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes and Google Play on Feb. 24, 2017!!! Stay tuned for direct links. We’ll also be having a one week theatrical release at Arena Cinelounge Hollywood on the same date. Stay tuned!  https://www.indierights.com02-poster-huge-print


Erasing Eden Movie

Erasing Eden Movie

Official Selection of the Downtown LA Film Fest


Monday, September 26th @ 7:30 pm – Erasing Eden – Los Angeles Premier

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Stars Breeda Wool and Ben Rovner
Directed by Beth Dewey
Written by Beth Dewey and Justo Diaz
Director of Photography Yasu Tanida. Produced by Tina Pavlides

A young woman plunges her life into chaos by drinking herself into a blackout the night before her wedding, facing the ultimate soul-searching. She decides her own fate, recognizing that she has the power to make or break herself.




toronto-film-scene“ERASING EDEN is a unique and emotional character piece you shouldn’t miss…”

“Dewey creates the perfect headspace for the viewer to be in.”

– ANDREW PARKER, Toronto Film Scene

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STUDIO Selectees, Casting Directors Call for Diversity, and Erasing Eden

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Beth Dewey’s ‘Erasing Eden’ to Premiere at Female Eye Film Festival, 

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